Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness

The Naga society is rapidly coming under the influence of the changes taking place around the world which has significantly impacted the society and its culture. The continuous changing trend, from traditional lifestyle to pro-western culture, is alienating the upcoming generations from their cultural roots. Therefore, in order to preserve the rich Naga heritage- traditional art, skills and culture, this institution has been emphasizing on skill development in traditional craft making which are mainly bamboo, wood and textile based. Therefore, skill development activity of the students is treated at par with the other extra-curricular programmed of the institution.

In this connection, apart from the teachers, skilled instructors are also invited from time to time to share their practical knowledge with the students. Over the years, a number of orientation programmes have been organized on the subject to encourage and help the students acquire the basic skills to keep the Naga tradition and culture alive. As the institution is yet to have its own workshop for the promotion of this important cultural activity, both the boys and girls are given necessary briefings before they go on vacation to their respective villages to learn from the original producers at the grass-root level. This way, the village itself becomes a learning place for the students. On occasions, the girl students are given basic instructions in weaving and in other crafts like knitting, making artificial flowers, etc. The boys are imparted the traditional methods of basket making, wooden and bamboo crafts and other related craft
products with the support of experts from the villages. Field trips are also organized to give the students physical experience of the skilled workers who work in their natural settings in the villages. The practical-standard finished products of the students, though on small scale, are sold to well-wishers at nominal rates to generate fund to finance this undertaking of the institution.

Apart from this, the college also conducts cultural programmes showcasing the rich Naga traditions and culture through dramas, folksongs, folk dances, and exhibition of the products. The institution has been receiving positive response from the students and parents for conducting such programmes. The gist of the matter is that it has made them realize the need of preserving their endangered culture and tradition.

Installing in the young minds the value of one's culture while keeping up with the fast-changing world, is a distinctive feature of this institution.

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