Policies and Procedures for maintenance and utilization of physical, academic and support facilities

Mount Tiyi College has a set of policies and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities- laboratory, library, sports complex, computers and classrooms etc.

Physical Facilities:

The College Development Committee looks after the physical facilities provided in the college and the Principal heads the committee as Convenor along with teacher in charge and student body organization. Library is furnished with volume of books and IT facilities are furnished in the classrooms with Over-Head Projectors, LCD and Smart classrooms. Additionally Auditorium and Tribal Museum are there. Hostels are provided for both boys and girls.

Academic Facilities:

The college follows Nagaland University calendar in running the UGC course syllabus for UG level. Teachers are appointed according to the recommendation of the state highest service Commission i.e. NPSC (Nagaland Public Service Commission). The examination committee handles the question papers, answer scripts and evaluation process as directed by the university and posts examination date, answer keys and results in the college website.

Support Facilities:

Laboratory: Records are being maintained over newly purchased equipments and materials required for the new science stream to be introduced in the coming semester.

Library: The books borrowed and returned is maintained and recorded. Computers are provided in the library for educational search purposes along with photo copying machines. The library committee looks after the maintenance process relating to renewal or addition of any other requirement in the library.

Sports Complex (indoor Stadium): The College has a standard indoor stadium along with other sports materials is maintained by the Sports Committee of the college.

Computers: There is a certificate course offered on computer soft skills at the college and are maintained by the Computer Committee.

Classrooms: Students’ representatives ‘keep up the regulations in maintaining the structure and system of the classrooms. Furthermore, the concerned representatives can further address their concern to the representative teacher or administrative staffs’ in charge of it.