Code of Conduct (Students)

Code of Conduct for students

Institutional Code of Conduct for students
Mount Tiyi College has a set of rules and regulations for the proper conduct of students.

Students are expected to:

  • Maintain discipline with due respect to the authority, teachers and staff;
  • Be polite to one another and show courtesy to the employees of the college in and
  • outside the college premises.

The college strictly prohibits:

  • The use of alcohol and narcotic substances and its kind within the college premises;
  • The use of cell phones inside the classrooms, violation of which shall attract severe penalty and confiscation of the cell phones;
  • Canvassing by students/student groups, with any agenda that may harm the peaceful co-existence and harmony of the Mount Tiyi College community;
  • Any form of ragging among the students.


  • Strict action amounting to expulsion will be taken on students found indulging in unfair means during examinations;
  • Students shall not retaliate against any member of the teaching faculty when caught in any prohibitory acts/or should any member of the teaching faculty file a report of concern to the authority;
  • The institution will not tolerate harassment or discrimination on the basis of age, religion, caste, gender or as the case may be.
  • The college being committed to the academic achievement, growth and development of its students lays emphasis on 80% attendance in all subjects during the semester sessions;
  • Maintenance of cleanliness of classrooms, college building and the campus to create a healthy learning atmosphere;
  • The protection of college property; damage of which, caused by act of anger or violence, shall amount to penalization of the concerned student with a realization of fine.