Department of History

The department of History has been established since the inception of the college in 1974.
The department offers BA(Honours) course as per Nagaland University guidelines.

Dr.  Rosanna Kikon Associate Professor (HoD)M.A.,  Ph.D.,(Assam University)
Dr. Libemo KithanAssociate ProfessorM.A, Ph.D.,(NU)
Ms Myingthunglo MurryAssistant ProfessorM.A., NET, (NU)MA GOLD MEDAL (NU)
Ms. Amikali JimoAssistant ProfessorM.A., NET, (Delhi University)
Dr. Bokali ShoheAssistant ProfessorM.A.,(JNU)NET, Ph.D.,(NU)
Dr. Kenilo KathAssistant ProfessorMA,Ph.D(NU), B.Ed(IGNOU)