The annual Autumn Fiesta of Mount Tiyi College was celebrated from 25th of Oct to 28th Oct. 2022. This four day event was organised by IQAC of the college in collaboration with different committees. The event kicked off with Cultural Fest on 25th Oct. and the day was marked by presentation of cultural songs and dances, narration and enactment of folktales, display of cultural attires, traditional fire making competition and other items. The Cultural fest was held with the objective to revisit the traditional values and practices that are fast losing significance in the present day society and to imbibe in the students love, appreciation and curiosity for these values and practices. LIT Fest was held on the second day (26th Oct.) and competitions were held in extempore speech, performance poetry, dictionary skills, slogan writing, spelling skills, singing, dancing, beat-boxing and stand up comedy. The day was observed to provide students with a platform to explore their skills and showcase their talents. The Second Kite Flying Festival of Mount Tiyi College was held on the third day, the 27th of Oct. 2022 at Public Ground, Wokha. The kite flying tradition is becoming a lost art in a world where virtual reality seems to have taken over so in order to reintroduce to the students this dying art and also colours, innovation, power, skill of manoeuvring, patience, outdoor entertainment, and all other benefits including health benefits that come from flying kites, the annual Kite Flying Festival was initiated in 2021. In just a year, the Kite Flying Festival of Mount Tiyi College has become a much anticipated event not only for the College but for the people of Wokha as well. For Kite Flying Fest 2022, competitions in the categories of best pilot (boys and girls respectively) and the most innovative kite design were held. The Autumn Fiesta of Mount Tiyi College 2022 culminated with MTC Fair and Music Matinee held on 28th Oct. 2022. Apart from stalls and an open cosplay competition, renowned artists from within and outside the district also performed in the grand closing event of the Fiesta.