Annual Sports Week 2021

The sport committee and students of Mount Tiyi College with the Principal’s approval actively engaged and set platform for various games and sport for smooth and systematic conduct of the competitions. Keeping in mind the importance of psycho-motor development along with cognitive development of an individual and most importantly to provide an enough opportunity for the student to realised their potentials in different areas of experiences for their professional excellence. The annual sport week was conducted from 23rd April 2021 to 24th April 2021, the student were divided into three houses on semester wise i.e, 6th semester, 4th semester and 2nd semester.

The winner along with the game played:

1.Men’s basketball 4th semester

2.Men’s volleyball 4th semester

3. women’s basketball 6th semester

4.Women’s volleyball 4th semester

5. Men’s badminton(double) 6th semester (Lirenthung & Chumlanthung)

6.women’s badminton(double) 6th semester (Erenbeni & Renjano)

7.Men,s table tennis(double). 6th semester (Nchumthung & Tsenbemo Tsopoe).

The two days sports went smoothly as planned. many students participated zealously and exhibited their hidden potential in various games. the 6th semester house emerged as the overall champion of the college sports week 2021. The winner of various events were awarded with certificates on the last day of the sports week . The sports week through with limited time time and resources it was conducted satisfactorily. the sports week concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Miss.Marlin Humstsoe, games and sports Secretary, Mount Tiyi College Student Union.