A mentoring programme on NAAC Assessment for Bailey Baptist College Wokha was organised by the IQAC of Mount Tiyi College in collaboration with the IQAC of Bailey Baptist College on the 27th of July 2022. The main objective of this programme was to acquaint BBC with the Provisional Accreditation of Colleges (PAC) that NAAC has recently come up with for colleges that are in the planning stages of Assessment and Accreditation and to help unaccredited colleges assess their preparedness for the same. Keeping the requirements of NAAC in mind, three sessions were taken up on the topics: Provisional Accreditation of Colleges (PAC), Best Practices of the College and Website Maintenance. The resource persons for the mentoring programme were Medongunuo Ngone, Assistant Professor and Coordinator, IQAC MTC, Dr. Rosanna Kikon, Associate Professor and Head, Dept. of History, MTC and Neiphinuo Zatsu, Assistant Professor and Member, ICT Committee, MTC. The mentoring programme was held at Bailey Baptist College and was attended by a total of … teachers from the college. Certificate of participation was given to all the attendees.